Sauber sign Spains 2nd most successful driver ever!

That’s correct Pedro De La Rosa who’s best finish one is 2nd place out of 84 starts and has a best Championship finishing position of 11th place has won the final seat at the Sauber team.  Hardly an earth shattering pedigree, but somehow the Spaniard has found his way back in to a proper race seat for the first time in nearly 3 years after finding himself in the testing wilderness at Mclaren.

I am surprised Sauber have gone for him over Nick Heidfeld who has been with the team for years, who is now left scrambling for a seat and with Renault being the only serious seat remaining.

Autosport are quoting Peter Sauber today

“Pedro has spent many years working for a top team at the highest technical level,” said Peter Sauber. “We as a team stand to gain from his experience, and the same goes for young Kamui.”

“The combination of a seasoned racer and an up-and-coming young driver has repeatedly proved a very fruitful one. I don’t expect either of them to disappoint in 2010.”

One can only assume Pedro comes with some significant financial backing too, as this to me seems a slightly strange decision.

Time will tell if Pedro proves me wrong in the season ahead.


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