A reason to be truly thankful – Mark Webber survives horrifying accident

VALENCIA, SPAIN - JUNE 25: Mark Webber of Australia and Red Bull Racing is seen at lunchtime during practice for the European Formula One Grand Prix at the Valencia Street Circuit on July 25, 2010, in Valencia, Spain. (Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images)

After the completion of today’s race there has not been any lack of negative hyperbol from certain teams and drivers about how their races were wrecked for one reason or another, but as Sunday turns in to Monday I cannot get away from the major incident in the race and Mark Webber’s terrifying accident in which I am so thankful that we are not here talking about the loss of a racing driver.

Webber’s accident, caused when he apparently missed his braking point and rode up the back of Kovalainen’s Lotus and became airborne.  In the split seconds that he became airborne my mind instantly took me to the fatal accident that claimed the life of Indycar driver Jeff Krosnof in very similar circumstances in 1996 racing on the streets of Toronto, Canada. On that day Krosnof’s car took off and turned in the to catch fencing destroying the car instantly.

When any racing car becomes airborne it is in the hands of the gods, and today was no exception. The moment Webber started to take off absolutely anything could have happened and despite flipping over and landing upside down and then rolling round the correct way and hurtling towards the barrier and undiminished speed the whole of the F1 world held it’s breath.

This was, and should act as a timely reminder that our sport is always very dangerous and that those that have input in to the safety rules and regulations should never get complacent.

I am delighted to see Mark walk away from this terrifying incident and  I am sorry for any driver or team that is celebrating or bemoaning their luck in today’s race because more importantly we still have 24 fit and able racing drivers heading to Silverstone in 2 weeks time.

See you at Silverstone Mark!


2 Responses to A reason to be truly thankful – Mark Webber survives horrifying accident

  1. Kateafan says:

    Nice to see some perspective on the race and the terrifying crash.
    Thanks to all at the FIA for making safety such a high priority, to RBR for making such a safe cockpit and to the GPDA for all their work… especially one very vocal member and former director; Mr M Webber.

  2. Harry says:

    The FIA did not make safety a priority, they did all they could to restrict it. The drivers such as Jackie Stewart and Niki Lauda are the ones responsible for creating safety after the FIA killed yet another driver in Ayrton Senna.
    The FIA are responsible for killing drivers in exchange for money, cash, TV rights and whining!

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