Schumacher shows poor level of driving standards!

In quite frankly the worst piece of driving standards of the season so far, Michael Schumacher is refusing to accept his move on Rubens Barrichello in the Hungarian Grand Prix was any thing but a normal racing incident.

As Rubens pulled up alongside Schumacher in the battle for 10th place, Schumacher continued to force Barrichello wide  and drive him up to the pit wall giving the Brazilian just inches from safety.  I am sure most of the F1 public agree that what Schumacher did was very dangerous and could have resulted in a high speed accident with the barriers.

After the race Schumacher refused to acknowledge his forcefulness and insinuated that Rubens always complains.

The move is being investigated by the stewards and my own personal opinion is that they should punish Schumacher with a 1 race ban.  It would send out the right message that dangerous moves to defend positions have no place in the highest level of the sport.


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