USF1 given extra test days

Somehow the new American based USF1 team has been granted 2 extra straight-line test days because of their “Geographic location” as reported on Autosport today.

But why I ask? The team appear to be claiming they need the running before travelling to Europe to start their proper testing campaign. That just doesn’t make sense, for they can carry out straight-line tests before they travel to Europe in the USA out of their allotted 4 days (The same every team has)

Are the FIA giving special dispensation to them because they are based in America, or because perhaps the team are running behind in its schedule and won’t be ready by the time the first teams roll out in Valencia.

I have not heard Lotus, Campus or Virgin asking for extra days, and it seems unfair to me that the USF1 team are being given extra time to gather data for their car.